Marek Polgar’s EXIT screening at Sci-Fi London

Production still from EXIT

Running through the first week of May, Sci-Fi London is a celebration of all things sci-fi and fantastic on the big screen, and features talks, special events, shorts programmes and some of the finest new features from around the world. Winding down on this Bank Holiday Monday (7 May), the festival’s last day plays host to the UK premiere of the latest slice of urban existentialism to emerge from Australia, Marek Polgar’s Exit.

Always keen to provide a platform for underrated sci-fi gems, the festival gave the film this great write up:

If a film ever deserved the description of enigmatic and atmospheric it is Exit.

The film follows Alice, one of a growing number of people who believe that the city is a maze wherein exists a door, a hidden exit to a better place. If you don’t find the exit you will become trapped into a comfortable, domestic existence.

Tonally it is like the world of The Matrix before taking the red pill. Visually stunning, it is made up of abstract fragments of lost corners of cityscapes backed with hypnotic soundscapes and fragments of conversations looking for answers to life’s mysteries.

Part sci-fi, part psychological drama: existentialism has never looked and sounded so good.

If you want to delve into the intriguing world of Exit, watch the trailer below, visit the film’s extensive website or, better yet, buy a ticket for the UK premiere at Sci-Fi London, Apollo Piccadilly Circus, Monday 7 May at 5:45pm.


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