IN CINEMAS: Dead Europe

Production still from DEAD EUROPE

After its UK premiere at the BFI London Film Festival earlier this year, the mysterious, highly engaging existential horror Dead Europe returns to British screens this weekend with limited theatrical release at the Curzon Renoir cinema in London, as well as steaming online exclusively on the Curzon on Demand platform.

If you can make it to the Renoir, I’d suggest checking it out on the big screen to get the full effect of director Tony Krawitz and screenwriter Louise Fox’s adaptation of Christos Tsiolkas’ tough, enigmatic, challenging novel. A young Greek-Australian photographer named Isaac (Ewen Leslie) returns to the country of his parents birth in search of history, identity and answers, only to discovers is a ‘continent of lost souls’ where history weighs heavy, identities are blurred and answers are in short supply.

Tough viewing, but highly recommended.

Dead Europe has a short run at Curzon Renoir, or can be streamed online from anywhere in the UK via Curzon on Demand.


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