OUT NOW: Bait 3D

Production still from BAIT

It’s taken its sweet time making it to the UK (FrightFest All-nighter previews notwithstanding), but Aussie shark-in-a-supermarket-sploitation flick Bait 3D has finally arrived!

Xavier Samuel (The Loved Ones, A Few Best Men), Sharni Vinson (Step Up 3D, Home & Away) and Julian McMahon (Fantastic Four, Nip/Tuck) star in a script by Aussie music video maestro and B-movie legend Russell Mulcahy (Razorback, Highlander, The Shadow), and the film was directed by Kimble Rendall, who previously helmed the haunted house comedy-slasher Cut (2000), starring Molly Ringwald and Kylie Minogue, and has worked as a second unit director on the Matrix films, Ghost Rider and Knowing.

There’s plenty of giddy fun to be had amongst that bunch, I’m sure you’ll agree. But if that hasn’t reeled you in, get a load of this no-nonsense exploitation set-up: A massive, freak tsunami engulfs a seaside shopping centre, trapping shoppers in a supermarket with a 12-foot Great White Shark. Yep, we’ve had snakes on a plane and sharks in Venice, now get a load of a shark in a supermarket!

The film has already hit screens down under, done the rounds in Europe, and proved a surprise smash hit in China, but now it’s Britain’s turn. Ahead of a DVD and 3D Blu-Ray release on April 29, the film has a limited theatrical run exclusive to Empire Cinemas. But get in quick, it opened last Friday and wont stick around long!

UK theatrical poster for BAIT

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