OUT NOW: Killing Ground, Berlin Syndrome, Cage Dive, Wentworth S5


Whether a weekend in the bush, a backpacking jaunt in Berlin, or diving with sharks off the coast, travel seems especially fraught with danger in a string of recent UK releases. Best follow the gals at Australia’s most infamous prison and have a quiet night in, as a trio of Australian features, and the latest run of a beloved TV series arrive on home viewing formats in the UK.


Released in concert with an extremely limited theatrical window a couple of weeks back, writer-director Damien Power’s debut feature Killing Ground is now available on UK streaming platforms via Vertigo Releasing. This campground thriller takes a non-linear approach to its outback terror, with a lead cast of Harriet Dyer, Ian Meadows, and Tiarnie Coupland stalked by Aaron Glenane and Aaron Pederson. The current release is exclusive to VOD  at present, but a DVD release seems likely to follow in early 2018.

[ Killing Ground @ FindAnyFilm.com ]



Also out now is Cate Shortland’s teutonic psychological thriller Berlin Syndrome, an arthouse star vehicle for US-based Australian actor Theresa Palmer, who plays a young Aussie backpacker whose one night stand with a local (Max Riemelt) takes a particularly nasty turn. The film enjoyed a modicum of success at the UK box office when it was released earlier this year, with limited theatrical accompanied by a premium VOD run on Curzon Home Cinema, ahead of a wider release to other UK streamers. Last week the film arrived on UK disc, with distributors Curzon Artificial Eye opting to release on both DVD and Blu-ray.

[ Berlin Syndrome @ FindAnyFilm.com ]



Having avoided the dubious honour afforded its US run, where it was absorbed into a patchy franchise and released as Open Water 3, writer-director Gerald Rascionato’s pulpy, found-footage shark survival thriller Cage Dive arrives on UK VOD/DVD today via Lionsgate. Rascionato’s feature debut follows three Californians (accented Aussies Megan Peta Hill, Joel Hogan, Josh Pothoff) who cross the Pacific to film an audition tape for an extreme reality TV series, and embark on an ill-fated cage dive in Australia’s Great White infested waters.

[ Cage Dive @ FindAnyFilm.com ]



Finally, despite getting a mid-season downgrade from Channel 5 to sister-station 5 Star during its latest UK TV run earlier this year, Wentworth Prison continued to delight devoted viewers with its admirable mix of genuinely engaging dramatic storylines and outlandish pulp goodness. Having long outgrown its roots as a contemporary update of the cult serial Prisoner: Cell Block H (1979-1986), season five of Wentworth Prison arrives on UK DVD via Network Releasing, and is available either as a stand-alone 2-disc set, or in a re-packaged collection containing all five seasons.


Killing Ground, Berlin Syndrome, and Cage Dive are all available to rent or buy from key VOD suppliers, whilst the DVD or Blu-ray of Berlin Syndrome is available from leading online and high street retailers, along with the DVD releases for Cage Dive and Wentworth Prison.

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